First Fool No Be Fool – Ghanaian Boxing Great Joshua Clottey Says He Would Never Allow His Son To Become A Boxer

Joshua ‘The Hitter’ Clottey
They say the first fool is not a fool and even the second fool isn’t one but the third is a massive fool.
Ghanaian boxing great Joshua Clottey doesn’t even want the second stage of that saying to happen, vowing that he would never allow his son to become a boxer.
The decorated pugilist, whose career consists of the impressive record of 39-5 (22KOs) and an IBF Welterweight title, said on UTV that boxing is a crazy sport and he won’t allow his son to follow in his footsteps even if he wanted to.
“I have a son in the US, I will kill him if he decides to be a boxer.” Clottey said.
“Even my friend I will not advice him to be a boxer. That’s why I always tell people not to be jealous of boxers because our job is too tough. Boxing is natural, there’s no artificial. Everything you see is real. Sometimes after the rounds 5 and round 6 we feel like giving up but we go on because of we have to behave like men. I learnt it when I was a child but I have grown to realize that it is too serious. There’s no joke in boxing. All the blows are real.”
He added: “Boxing is too much of a work and I will never advice anyone to become a boxer”
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