Unprofessional Makeup Artistes To Be Banned For Causing Facial Damages To Most Ghanaian Women

Due to the harsh economic situation ofGhana, it has compelled most Ghanaianladies to go into the Makeup Artistry whether they have some professional skills or not.
Now, because of the facial damages caused by these unprofessional Makeup Artistes to most Ghanaian women, an Executive member of the Federation of Professional Trade Associations of Ghana, Nikki Boamponsem has said that Ghanaian Makeup Artistes practising without professional skills will be banned by 2021.
Nikki Boamponsem speaking at a forum organized by Makeup Ghana at Accra City Hotel on International Women’s Day said:
“We want to standardise the system so that if you don’t have a unique number that certifies that you have been trained in addition to the possession of Ghana national ID, you can’t operate in this country in the next three years because the system is being put in place.”
Chief Executive Officer of Makeup Ghana, Rebecca Donkor also said:
“We believe through stories and sharing of experiences, the next generation of practitioners and businesses can be motivated to aim for excellence”.
In conclusion, they called for the introduction of insurance policy to cater for facial damages suffered by clients.
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