Apuu Ghanaba Images for Ladies – Find Out What Your Birth Say Says About You

The purpose of the Creo concepts in Ghana is believed to determine the true characters of both ladies and men in their daily activities from birth to their future. In this case, the article will show you the Apuu Ghanaba images that represent the Ghanaian girls born day names with their characters in form of Ghanaba arts. The Ghanaba names are given based on the culture one is born in.

Ghanaba Cartoon Pictures

Here are the Ghanaba pictures that will show your names expected characters. The Ghanabu creo is very popular and the characters mostly represent the truth. Find the attributes according to your birthday.

                                                              Sunday Born


It is a renowned name for Ghanaian girls called Akosua or Esi. Their common characters are that they are the most influential, very helpful, always confident, sweet and very smart in both outside appearances and in terms of their thinking capacity. They get married to men that give them assurance of forever loving, dedicated, attention givers, and faithful. They join hands with their husbands and they influence their children to have good characters.

                                                                   Monday Born


Adwoa is a notable name for Ghanaian girls born on Monday. They are friends to keep and can never lead you to bad behaviors. This character helps her to find a great loving husband and together take care of their children.

Tuesday Born

The common names for a Tuesday born Ghanaian girl are Abena or Araba. They are known to be very responsible in everything they are in charge of. Abena or Araba are capable of taking care of their children and show them love, kindness, and good characters.

Wednesday Born

It is a popular name for Ghanaian girls called Akua. Akua has all the best qualities you may think of a wife. She is very faithful, do all the house duties and the pillar of the house.

Thursday Born

Yaa is a common name for a Ghanaian girl born on a Thursday. They are the types of girls who have skills to tackle any situation. These girls are amazing in leadership. When they get married, they can handle any situation by being a pillar of both the husband and the kids.

Friday Born

The Friday born Ghanaian girls have a renowned name, which is either Afia, Efia, Afi or Efua. They are known for their great and amazing mentor-ship skills. They are happy and fulfilled with joy when they see others prosper. Efia, Efua, Afia, or Afi have a great future because their great skills can help a family last. Their children will have someone to take after.

Saturday Born

The Saturday born girl child has a common name, which is Ama. They give passionate love and help to everybody close to them without expecting or asking something in return. They will definitely give their love to their partner and children making the bond to last forever. They are responsible and they cannot afford to lose anyone.
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