Kuami Eugene released ‘bad gas’ on me during Ghana Meet Naija – Patapaa

Kuami Eugene has said Patapaa is a noise maker rather than a musician

– He said he would never have any collaboration with Patapaa

– Patapaa has responded to Kuami Eugene’s comment, ‘disgracing’ him for bad flatulence

It seems the friction between musicians Kuami Eugene and Patapaa Amisty is getting keener and keener.

Kuami Eugene started this whole hullaballoo by calling Patapaa a noise maker rather than an artiste.

He went on to say that he would never ever make any collaborations with Patapaa in his career.

Unfortunately for Kuami Eugene, Ghanaians have not treated his comment against Patapaa lightly.

He is being grilled on social media for what many people call disrespect to his fellow musician, Patapaa.

However, Kuami Eugene made a quick U-turn, and apologized to Patapaa for his comments.

According to him, he was only teasing Patapaa and didn’t expect his comments to be taken “wrongly” by the artiste and Ghanaians.

But it appears Patapaa is also hurt for being looked down upon by Kuami Eugene.

He has thus decided to disgrace Kuami Eugene.

According to him, during Ghana Meet Naija, Kuami Eugene who was seated next to him committed a ‘crime’ when the show was ongoing.

What was the crime? Patapaa has revealed in a new ‘diss’ song to Kuami Eugene that he Eugene was releasing ‘bad gas’ on him.

According to Patapizzy, Kuami Eugene kept on releasing the ‘gas’ which he couldn’t bear, but for the sake of their friendship, he decided to endure the pungent smell.

Issues like flatulence as in Kuami Eugene’s case are better kept and dealt with privately, and this is what Patapaa did until now.

It seems he tried to keep Kuami Eugene’s flatulence matter a top secret, but Eugene’s derogatory remarks about him has caused him to spill the beans.

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