Latest African hairstyles for men in Ghana

African hairstyles are amazing. However, as a man, deciding on which trendinghaircuts to adopt can really be difficult. Imagine yourself in a barber shop looking at African men’s hairstyles on the wall. Picking one might not be easy, especially if you don’t have a definite hairstyle in mind. The haircut African man can go for, appears in about three options; long hair, short and medium hair. This article brings you the latest trending haircuts for African men in Ghana. You will definitely fall in love with most of them if not all. But before this let’s a little history of men’s hairstyle.

History of men’s hairstyles

Men’s obsession with hairstyle is not a recent thing. It dates back to the last 50 years. In 1960’s the hairstyles were adopted basing on one’s favorite music, football, or prominent personalities. The men’s hairstyles ranged from Beetle inspired to slick backs. These period’s hairstyles embodied love, peace and hippie lifestyles.

1970s were fascinating times, during this period a myriad of hair cosmetics was being introduced. Most common and trendy hairstyles were disco afro and mob top. 1980s came as a period for long hairstyles almost everyone did this. It was common among the hip hop stars. The 90’s decade came with the following trendy haircuts; flat top, spiky frosted tips and curtained heart throb. The early face of the millennium year brought blowout, fauxhawks and lastly the shaggy teen mop top. Currently there are lots of new hairstyles men have come up with, undercut, man bun and top not just to mention a few.

It’s vividly clear that haircuts have with time continued to change. And like you will see, some of the trending haircuts are ones you cannot get into an interview with or you will need to cover them up in front of your in laws. They are sweet though funny to be lenient with words. You can only appreciate the best African men’s hairstyles when you have an idea of what they really are like. This article will shed some light into this world.

African man hair cut styles

If you are finding it a challenge to come up with an appropriate hairstyle. Here is the list of men’s hairstyles you can choose from

Black African mens hairstyle

There are a variety of new hairstyles men can go for. Check out these trending men hairstyles 2018 that you may want to try.

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