This is the best song to request at your ex’s wedding

What does it mean when a person you broke up with invites you to her wedding? To some, this is rudeness of the highest order.

However, when it happens don’t decline to turn up at the wedding but you must be smart enough to fire back.

By this, I mean; request for a song that will hit back at your ex. Make sure that the song you pick is going to send a clear message: show your feelings through that piece of the poem; let your ex-know that you came first and no matter what they do, you have been there so you are not intimidated by their progress.

Recently, Twitter was treated to this rare scenario where a woman named Hayley, invited her ex-boyfriend to her wedding.

The guy accepted the invitation but as a condition, he requested for “I loved her first” track by Heartland. Music lovers know what this means.

This song, “I loved her first” is arguably the best for your ex’s wedding because its message is very precise that the ex-boyfriend shows clearly that he is not yet over his girlfriend and sounds a warning that he might soon take her because the woman still means “the world to him.”

“I was enough for her not long ago and she still means the world to me, just so you know,” The Sun newspaper quotes.

In case your ex-lover is “crazy” enough to call you up so that you can witness his/her happy day at your expense, don’t worry, be crazy enough to make her regret calling you up.

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