Finance minister resigns

Ms. Jackie Momanyi taking oath of office. Sources indicate that she has quit office. [Photo/Nyamira County]

Despite a communication from Governor’s Press Service resignation claims of Fiance County Executive Committee Jackline Momanyi, sources intimate that she may has after all quit.

In the Press Release, the communication team said that the minister is not considering to quit any soon despite rumours about her decision to quit.

“Kindly ignore romours about resignation of Jackline Momanyi being circulated online and in local radio stations. She is not quitting any soon,” it said.

For the last two months, workers in the county have gone without pay with a section of the cabinet said to be opposed to Sh6.5 billion budget.

However, a close privy to ongoing intrigues indicates that Ms. Momanyi quit her job and she is likely to take a job at Parliamentary Service Commission soon.

“She handed over the letter and explained why she was quitting. In fact, she is just doing clearance. At the right time, she will join PSC for new roles,” said the source.

An in-depth communication with the first Finance Minister in Governor John Nyagarama’s second term also shows intentions of quitting the job.

“At the right time I will share with you when I have intentions to quit… Of course for greener pastures,” she wrote.

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